VGIF in the Field

first hand accounts of our grants at work.

Site Visit 19477 Uganda women empowerment office (1).jpg

Site visits enable VGIF to create stronger relationships with our grantee partners. On the ground, staff are able to learn about the local context where projects are taking place, gather feedback on our grant-making process, and identify new partnerships within communities.

"Spending time with the women who are designing and implementing these projects, it is so clear that VGIF’s commitment to empowering women leaders is well-founded," VGIF Program Director, Jenna Wallace, said. 

"These are dedicated and determined women who will ensure that their communities are more equal and safe for women and girls."


On February 1st, the programs team will set out again, beginning a three-week trip to India.

The team will visit current VGIF grantee partners, hold meetings with women-led NGOs in our grantees’ networks, and identify possible strategic partners.

We'd love for you to follow along on the journey as we shares stories, images, and invaluable insights from some of our most exciting projects. 

Keep up with the program team this winter and read about previous site visits via the "In the Field" blog here: