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Celebrate with us!

50 years of grant giving.

700 projects. 

$4 million toward empowering women and girls.


There is a lot to celebrate at VGIF, and we'd love to have you with us as we ring in our 50th birthday! 

To honor half a century of grant-giving, we will be hosting a gala and auction where you can hear first hand how VGIF's funding model changes lives. 

To learn more about the event or RSVP, please email our Development Associate at kottoson@vgif.org. 


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Meet our grantee speakers:


Less than two miles from the bustling business district of Kampala, Uganda sprawls the Katwe slum, which people describe as "one of the worst places on earth."

Floods are frequent, carrying raw sewage into homes haphazardly constructed from wood and tin scraps. It's estimated that nearly half of the teenage girls living here are already single mothers. Many engage in sex work to survive, making rates of HIV sky rocket. 

In spite of these conditions, the women here have shown incredible resilience and innovation, often turning to entrepreneurship to carry themselves - and their children - out of Katwe. 

ZACHEDO, a VGIF multi-year grantee, has changed the lives of hundreds of Katwe women forever through its work with single mothers and HIV-positive women. 

Project leaders have taught 165 women critical business skills, increasing their average income by 50%.

The stakes are high.

When asked what one participant would do with her additional earnings, the single mother of six said that her youngest child is HIV-positive and too malnourished to qualify for the ARV drugs that will keep her alive. The mother hopes to earn enough so that her daughter can get enough food and receive the treatment she needs.

To ensure sustainability, ZACHEDO has established a savings group to distribute small loans, and project organizers are currently working to add 100 additional women - mostly young single mothers - to their micro-enterprise program. 

We are honored and excited to host ZACHEDO's project leader at our 50th Anniversary Celebration. We look forward to celebrating her work and hearing what she has to share.