Leading the Way.

If there was still a doubt in anyone's mind, 2016 and 2017 made it undeniably clear that the future is female. With more women being elected, educated and heard than ever before, we saw the incredible power that comes from speaking up and declaring that it is time for real change. 

VGIF is no exception. When I was hired as Executive Director in November 2016, I saw an organization with an amazing vision: a world where women and girls are able to take the lead in creating the change they want to see in their own lives and within their own communities. 

In the past two years, VGIF has worked to make important progress that will allow us to fund more projects and create greater impact. The Board, staff and community implemented structures allowing us to increase productivity and shorten our grants process timeline. We welcomed a new team of staff members, installed a new grants management software, and readied the organization to begin a new strategic planning process in April 2018. 

All the while, I've been continually inspired by our grantees' stories of achievement. In 2016 and 2017, the women we funded installed water systems in drought-ridden areas, provided vital medicine and examinations to their pregnant neighbors, encouraged girls to pursue careers in science, and taught single and unemployed moms to sew. 

Though these changes are happening in communities that aren't often on the world stage, VGIF's supporters and the women and girls leading our projects represent a universal truth: when our rights are at risk, women deserve to be part of the solution. 

Emily Forhman   Executive Director

Emily Forhman

Executive Director

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