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Long-term Partnership.

Local action.

Better lives.


VGIF provides grants globally to fund locally generated projects that advance the rights of women and girls.

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Our grants. 

VGIF has funded 684 projects in 94 countries. Learn how our grantees have empowered hundreds of thousands of women and girls through our grants library. 

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In the Field.

VGIF site visits provide invaluable insights into how we can best serve our grantees in the field. Learn more through our "VGIF In The Field" Blog. 

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Our history.

With 50 years of history, VGIF has long known the value of empowering women at the grassroots level. See how we've evolved and where we hope to go.

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For grantseekers.

Do you know of a women-led, locally generated project in need of funding? Learn more about our criteria and annual application process here. 

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"VGIF made us feel important in our community. With your support, we became change agents for so many vulnerable women."

- Grace, WACE Uganda Project Director.

Our grantees prove that small grants change lives. See why our model works and how we measure impact.

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Annual Report

Leading the Way.

If there was still a doubt in anyone's mind, 2016 and 2017 made it undeniably clear that the future is female. With more women being elected, educated and heard than ever before, we saw the incredible power that comes from speaking up and declaring that it is time for real change. 

VGIF is no exception. In the past two years we have worked to make important progress that will allow us to fund more projects and create greater impact.

See how.

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